Yesterday, while in Singapore for transit to my Japan trip, I had a few hours to kill – this was after doing all the eating and shopping in Singapore. With my maternal uncle, I went to “Ghost Rider” in the multiplex inside Plaza Singapura (Wikipedia has the history about this mall). Honestly, we haven’t heard about the movie before, had very few expectations other than Nicholas Cage’s name.

I am not a fan of ghostly scary movies, but this movie was not scary but comedy. Comedy because someone like Sony Pictures will come up with this storyline and then waste their money filming it. I am not complaining the storyline is unbelievable, but it had nothing worth mentioning or even seeing whatsoever. Total washout from my perspective. Having said that Kids and Teenager might find the movie interesting, for the action by Nicholas Cage – but even for that, there are better action movies.

Ghost Rider – disappointing!. You can read more reviews here, but I am surprised a few of them rated this movie 4 out of 5!

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