• The podcasts I listen to, and the best app for playing them is now free!

    The podcasts I listen to, and the best app for playing them is now free!

    What’s a Podcast? A podcast is an episodic series of audio or video files which a user can download in order to listen. Next, to messaging & listening to music, I use my Smartphone for listening to Podcasts. For nearly a decade now, they are my companion during my evening walks and commute – helping me to relax, learn and catch up on the happenings effortlessly. Earlier I have written about the podcast episodes I have listened: Listening to the (late) Sci-Fi author Jerry Pournelle, and reading his classic “The Mote in God’s Eye“ Listening to Rob Reid and then reading his Sci-Fi comedy book “Year Zero” which was about aliens…

  • Linux on Desktop - Chrome OS, Fedora, Ubuntu and Linux Mint

    My experience of loading Chrome OS and Linux on a PC

    What do you do after you get yourself a Gym membership? You go to the mall and buy all new workout wears – new dry-fit Tees (T-Shirts), Trackpants, Gloves and more. Are these really needed? Do these help in your exercises, no, but it makes you feel good and increase your self-confidence! MacBook – was expensive, so a non-starter! The equivalent of the above, when you start learning a new programming platform (nowadays) is to buy a MacBook. If you plan to post anything online on coding, the screenshots have to be taken from a macOS Terminal. In the past, I had owned a MacBook Air, so I thought I…

  • Microsoft

    Microsoft Edge Beta using Chromium

    Though I am a Google Chrome user for years now, I have had flings with Vivaldi, Brave and Microsoft Edge (IE). My earlier post on “Why I am trying Brave Browser and reverted to Google Chrome?“. My backup browser has always been Firefox. I am not paranoid with Google and Facebook knowing about what I choose to share publicly. Hence, the arguments to stay away from Google doesn’t appeal much to me. But, with Microsoft’s announcement of Edge moving to Chromium, I got intrigued and was waiting. Last week, the Edge beta came out and I have been using – it feels noticeably faster than Chrome in Windows 10 and much cleaner…

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    Video Editing for free in Windows 10

    Today during the monthly meet of “Professional Speakers Association of India“, my friend Navanee Viswa gave a good talk on the importance of video recordings for professional speakers. He was sharing his experiences of the actual recording for a typical video taking just a quarter of the effort, but the majority (3/4th) going towards editing the video and polishing it. When it comes to the software for video editing, there are plenty of apps for iOS and Android – but they are aimed for limited editing and small work like captioning, and it is cumbersome to work on the small screen of mobile for this job. On the other side of…

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    Future of IT Outsourcing Industry and The Road Ahead

    The global outsourcing market especially the IT outsourcing market after a few choppy and trying years, hopes to find its lost rhythm back in 2019. Mint newspaper says the sector will grow faster in the year starting 1st April, thanks to twin trends of larger contracts and increased outsourcing. In this background, I am composing my thoughts here on how the Software Services firms especially the small ones in India can reinvent themselves and plan their road ahead. Source: Statista. After a few choppy years, 2018 stabilized the global market of the outsourced market. 2019 is expected to be a growth year. Outsourcing is not new to me! My grandfather…