Just a few hours ago, I delivered a talk for an Azure Community Developer conference. The talk was titled “Future of Software Developers in the Age of AI & Automation by 2040”. Predictions are always riskier, especially one for a fast-moving, exponentially growing field like Software & AI.  Yet, I ventured and explored how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation will impact software engineering by 2040 and how developers can stay relevant.

The one-hour video in 4K is available on my YouTube channel above.

I have been doing a lot of research on this subject, and I would like to hear your thoughts and inputs. Please share them in the comments below or in my Twitter @venkatarangan channel.

A few slides from the talk are below:

Developers are living the future of workJun 22, 2015

Developers are living the future of work

Software engineering is similar to doctors? or civil engineers?

Software engineering is similar to doctors? or civil engineers?

The way I see the developments by 2040 is going to be a mixed bag – with both scary and good parts.

By 2040 – The Scary:

  • None of the 2020 roles will be there in 2040
  • Time & Material (T & M) will be dead
  • Baseline maintenance will be history
  • Junior Software Developers will be gone
  • Default choice will be no-code platforms
  • Infrastructure related roles will be gone
  • Software performance, quality and testing roles will be gone
  • The premium for AI/ML Engineers would cease to exist

By 2040 – The Good

  • New Roles around Quantum Computing & communication
  • Every job role will be a software engineering role
  • Lattice Career Progression (No more Linear)
  • Creative Self-Starters will do well

Developers can stay relevant for the future by:

  • Leave the baggage
  • Continuous Learning
  • Interpersonal Skills & Communication
  • Curios & Be Informed

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