It was fun speaking in this podcast on #lowcode & #nocode. Check it out.
My friend and former Microsoftie Mr Kumaran Anandan and friends host a weekly podcast on #SoftwareArchitecture. In a recent episode I was invited to discuss about why I believe the low-code no-code platforms are (a large part of) the future of software development.

A few points I mentioned in the talk (from the notes from Kumaran):

  •  Low/No Code has 15% YoY growth on IT spend.
  • A casual search in Indian job sites show over 28,000 jobs postings for Power Apps
  • We need to empower the employee, A Low-Code platform is a great way for them to self-service – As the saying goes Perfection can be enemy in these fast-moving times.
  • I share a practical case study of TMobile from Microsoft site on them using Power Apps to maintain a job roll during the early weeks of lockdown in New York.
  • Similar to Excel sprawl, Low-code sprawl will also happen. What can we do about it? Should we care about it?
  • Use of a market place within the enterprise and outside. Analogous to Design Ideas in Power Point we will see #nocodelowcode tools evolving fast.
  • I recalled the Microsoft Excel services (server). IT should focus on Data & API.

Listen to the podcast and share with me in the comments below your own experience with low-code.

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