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    Beware of Indian Income Tax Spoof emails

    In the past I have seen many bogus emails claiming to be from US Income Tax (IRS) Department, most of those emails are poorly crafted and are immediate give-away for trained IT eyes like mine. These SPAM emails are sent by modern day crooks through Zombies to fish (phishing) your personal information like credit card or bank account passwords. Today I got an email claiming to be from Indian Income Tax department it looked so genuine at first site but for two sure easy give-aways. See the original email I got below. Two items in the above email raised my suspicion are: 1.Income Tax Department when they are able to…

  • Home Networking
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    Daisy chain Wireless access points in your home

    We all like to have good wireless signal throughout our house so that we can freely roam between the rooms and use our iPhones or Laptops. But if you live in multi-storied concrete houses (like the ones we have in India) then getting good signal strength with one Wireless Access Point will be a challenge. In my case, I have Broadband connections (one from Airtel and a manual failover from BSNL) terminating in my study room in the first floor. A NETGEAR Wireless Router connects to Airtel Modem and acts as the firewall. An 8 port Ethernet Switch connected to the NETGEAR Router and makes more LAN ports available. Two…

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    Norton 360 v3.0

    When it comes to Antivirus products I prefer to only use specific brands known to me. I look for three parameters in a good protection product: Protection (Detect and protect against latest threats, we have to take their word in this) Performance (not slowing the machine) Ease of use (normally an antivirus should be invisible) My first choice for individuals will be K7 Total Security. It is the fastest and the least intrusive Antivirus out there. In our office, we have been using Symantec Endpoint protection for several years. Our system administrators love the central deployment & management. The entire Antivirus client, the updates can be remotely done from the…

  • Chennai

    Beware of winning prizes

    A few weeks back I got a phone call in my office number from some holiday club in Anna Nagar claiming that I have won for a free couple pass for holiday in their resorts. I was surprised for one that I am normally never lucky to win anything in a lottery and second I didn’t remember entering any draw. On being asked, the lady said that the draw was done on purchases made in shops (Nalli, Pothy’s, Saravana Stores) in T.Nagar during the holiday season. I started to get suspicious (which I often do get) because I had not shopped in the mentioned shops recently, so I said I…

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    Bad User Interface

    My corporate IT (Exchange Server) enforces security policy on all mobile devices that connect to it. So my phone is locked by a PIN. When I connect the Windows Mobile Phone (HTC S710) to PC, Vista displays a dialog box (like the one below). This dialog box certainly has useful information that needs my attention, but I am irritated by the fact it doesn’t have a minimize/close button. Absolutely no way to get rid of the window other than keying the PIN in the device or disconnecting the device. I feel this to be a classic case of bad user interface design.