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    Microsoft Outlook for iOS, Android

    Few years back, no one in Microsoft ecosystem would have dreamed these will happen. I for one, certainly didn’t see it coming. In the last one year under CEO Satya Nadella there has been in waves of change at Microsoft. I am loving these! Last week, Microsoft released an unified mail app for iOS and Android. The apps allows you to connect your Microsoft Exchange Server, Office 365 subscription, Hotmail (Outlook.com) accounts. Apart from those the mail app supports Google Gmail, Yahoo mail and Apple iCloud. There is great Calendar, Contacts (People), Files (Onedrive.com & Dropbox) integration as well. I was pleasantly surprised to see the calendar and contacts integration…

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    SharePoint Conference 2014

    SharePoint Conference 2014 is happening this week in Las Vegas and through online I am catching up with the events there. In the main keynote I watched in Channel9 (now the link takes to a discussion and not the actual keynote), some interesting statistics was shared by Microsoft: 10000 people attending SharePoint conference 2014in Las Vegas Over 3.4 Million developers working in SharePoint & Office around the world Office 365 is now a $1.5Billion per year business for Microsoft, seen 500% YoY growth Over 60% of Fortune 500 companies use Office 365

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    Office 365 Password sync

    Read here on my (positive) experience of using of Exchange Online (Office 365) for over a year now. In the current configuration we were using, for each user the password for their emails (Office365) was different from their office network (local Active Directory). Even then there was a way to pass through single sign-on, which meant any user signing in to Office365 the authentication will be done over the internet (secure connection) to our local AD (Active Director) Domain Controller (DC). We didn’t go with this option then, as this would have required us to have our DC servers available all the time, which was not possible in our case.…

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    MS Excel Tips

    I use MS Excel a lot in a day for reviewing financial reports, client proposals, analysis of market data and so on. Beyond simple calculations, charts I find working with Excel especially formulas to be difficult. Most of the time when that happens Google or Bing comes to rescue. In this post I plan to write down the tips that I used which I hope will be useful to others and to myself in future. When we want to do a summary sheet in a Excel file, bringing the last value in a particular range of cells (say a column). For picking the last non empty number from a range…

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    Outlook 2013 Action Items

    At Vishwak Solutions we moved about a year back to Office 365 for hosting our email/calendar/contacts for Vishwak.com domain. Recently we got the service upgrade on our Office365 account, as a result I suppose we received new features that were brought out with Exchange Server 2013 and additional items specific to Office 365. Last few days I began noticing a new button appearing on top of the reading pane for some of the emails. It was titled “Action Items”. Clicking it, revealed it to be an intelligent system that extracts from mail text & shows only the “Action Items”  which you can then flag for future attention – cool indeed.…