At Vishwak Solutions we moved about a year back to Office 365 for hosting our email/calendar/contacts for domain. Recently we got the service upgrade on our Office365 account, as a result I suppose we received new features that were brought out with Exchange Server 2013 and additional items specific to Office 365.

Last few days I began noticing a new button appearing on top of the reading pane for some of the emails. It was titled “Action Items”. Clicking it, revealed it to be an intelligent system that extracts from mail text & shows only the “Action Items”  which you can then flag for future attention – cool indeed. It seemed to be activated after the recent Office365 upgrade.

This feature is a actually an app and one of the long list of helpful apps that got introduced in Outlook 2013.

Action Items in Outlook 2013

If you are in Office365/Exchange Server 2013 & running Outlook 2013, check this feature, very handy indeed.

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