I just now watched this documentary movie “HOME” by Director Yann Arthus-Bertrand (a french photographer and world-renowned environmentalist). The full movie is available in HD Quality free on Youtube from yesterday.

I came to my office on a Saturday today so I can watch the movie in High Definition (HD) with the high bandwidth that is available in the office – the privileges of being the CEO :-).  The quality was amazing, unbelievable it was playing over the Internet. Like I mentioned last year when I watched “Casino Royale (1967)” in HD from Hulu.com, the availability of this type of high-quality content over the Internet is now becoming more and more wide stream than ever. These compel me to predict that in the next 10 years we will see the end of the distribution of entertainment content (movies and songs) in any physical form – it will happen much faster than the best of Internet evangelists have dreamed of and it will happen even in developing countries like India at nearly the same pace.

Coming back to the movie “HOME”, the documentary chronicles how life on earth came into existence 4 Billion years back, how we humans came into existence 200,000 years back and how we started farming 10,000 years back. This background helps you to understand and appreciate the destruction we are making on our planet, after the discovery of OIL and our dependence on it. The movie emphasises the fact of how all organisms and the Earth are linked in a “delicate but crucial” balance with each other, and how no organism can be self-sufficient. I really liked the fact, the movie didn’t end with a pessimistic note of all being lost on climate change, but on a positive note that worldwide change is happening (though in pockets) and we can reverse the trends.

“HOME” by Director Yann Arthus-Bertrand

“HOME” by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

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