Sivakarthikeyan‘s knack for choosing films that resonate with children shines brightly in his latest venture, Ayaalan, making it a magnet for young audiences at the theatres and a testament to both his and director R. Ravikumar’s astute choice of theme. It’s a rare sight in Kollywood: a foray into the realm of science fiction, especially with a storyline about aliens. Given Ravikumar’s previous successful venture into the concept of time travel, expectations were naturally high for Ayaalan, and it appears to meet them, albeit with some reservations. The villain and the core plot could have been fleshed out better, but for its brave effort, Mangoidiots awards it a Ripe rating.

Ayaalan unfolds with an alien vessel making an unexpected landing near Chennai, on a quest for a lost artifact. This intergalactic visitor forms an unlikely alliance with the protagonist and his companions, setting the stage for a confrontation with the inevitable antagonist, eager to capture the alien. The film shines with world-class VFX animations that vividly bring the alien to life, setting a high bar in the first hour with straightforward, impactful dialogues. A memorable moment is when the hero humorously inquires why the alien chose to visit Chennai over America, poking fun at the typical Hollywood alien narrative. The voiceover for the alien by actor Siddharth was perfect.

Despite its engaging premise and visually arresting scenes, Ayaalan has its shortcomings. The initial theme song, featuring Sivakarthikeyan in vibrant costumes dancing amidst a picturesque landscape, might seem out of place but ends up being an enjoyable element, especially among the younger crowd. Science-fiction aficionados might find the technological concepts somewhat basic, and while the first half of the movie is compelling, the second half devolves into a predictable battle between hero and villain. However, Yogi Babu‘s comedy, though limited, adds a layer of enjoyment to the experience. There is nothing worth mentioning about the character played by Rakul Preet Singh.  

In summary, Ayaalan is an entertaining ride with its heart in the right place. Despite its flaws, it’s a commendable attempt at something different for Tamil cinema. If you’re in the mood for fun, Ayaalan is worth the ticket. The film will be available on OTT from Sun Nxt.

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