Fight Club (2023) ventures into the familiar terrain of North Madras gangster life, with Uriyadi Vijay Kumar taking on the role of the protagonist. Initially aspiring for football greatness, he finds himself entangled in local gang conflicts. Director Abbas A. Rahmath skillfully weaves the narrative through impressive cinematography, crisp editing, and a pulsating background score, but the narrative falters due to a worn-out plot. Despite these technical strengths, Mangoidiots rates the film with just a Raw.

The portrayal of the main character as astute and perceptive in unravelling deception is noteworthy. However, his lack of significant actions to alter his life or positively influence his friends becomes a missed opportunity. Joseph, a recently released murderer, is a well-crafted character, a rarity in Tamil cinema.

While the school and college segments contribute little to the plot, an excess of subplots and minor characters detract from the central theme. This overextension hampers the audience’s ability to focus on the main characters and storyline. Ultimately, the absence of innovation in Fight Club hinders its ability to make an impression.

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