This movie makes you wonder about the wisdom of the people who made this. The movie features Santhanam as the hero, and he is joined by Munishkanth, Mottai Rajendran, Kingsley, Sundarajan, Mayilswamy and Manobala – for the last two this is likely to have been their last films. On top of the popular lineup of comedy actors, the visuals, the recreation of the 1980s costume, and even the music were acceptable but Director Kalyaan‘s lapse in writing a story makes it all useless.  Mangoidiots rates it Rotten.

A grandfather has died, and his funeral house presents an occasion for the hero to meet the heroine and fall in love. I am sure the Tamil Film Producers Association has a dedicated corner for movies with the same plot line. To that, this one is a sorry addition. Radhika Preeti who comes as the love interest of Santhanam has delivered more than what the film demanded from her, she was impressive and I wish her success in her future films. Sangeetha who comes as the hero’s sister has done a good performance as well.

80’s Buildup (2023) has a short running time of 127 minutes, but it is better avoided.


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