The Boss Baby (2017) is a new animation film from Dreamworks. It’s about the secret life of a newborn baby. Dressed in a suit, with the deep voice of Alec Baldwin the baby actually is an officer from the Baby Corp., which has been sent to this house on a mission to find a new breed of “puppies” to be launched by Puppy Corp. If the launch goes smoothly then all the love in the world will go to puppies with none left for babies.

The film narrated from the point of view of a young boy, Timothy Templeton starts off well. Being the only child in the family, Tim receives unconditional love from his parents. When he learns, that he is going to get a baby brother he feels sad and lonely. To his dismay the baby leads a double life – behaving like a normal baby to parents, but when away from parents the baby conducts his own business. The visualisation of Baby Corp is good creativity, babies appear and move on a conveyor belt. If a baby feels ticklish it is sent to a family, if a baby is not feeling ticklish it is sent to a management role :-). The second half of the film comes out unimaginative.

This is a fun film to watch if you watch it with your kids, otherwise, you can skip it.

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