Chennai Book Fair is an annual pilgrimage for me. Every year I buy several dozen books, last year (2018) I bought over 35 books, but this year I purchased only four books as in year past (2018) I have been buying books on a regular basis mostly from Amazon India including Tamil books.

I liked last year’s venue at St.George School as I was able to travel by metro train, the station was right in front of the venue. This year’s venue at YMCA Nandanam too was close to a Metro station, but not convenient for me, as I live within 3 kilometers and by metro it will be 5-6 stops.

The first two books (1. Life in the Victorian Age and 2. Eating for Good Health) are by Reader’s Digest, each was ₹100 and I got them based on recommendation by my friend Shan Karuppusamy. I wish to read the third book titled “பெரியார் இன்றும் என்றும்” by விடியல் பதிப்பகம் to know firsthand about the man who has had (continue to have) a profound impact on Tamil Nadu for decades and at ₹450 (after discount) it was a great value for a hardbound with nearly 1000 pages. The fourth book was “சர்க்யுட் தமிழன்” by ஆயிஷா இரா நடராசன் – apart from Writer Sujatha, I haven’t read Science Fiction in Tamil, so curious to see how this one will be.

The four books I purchashed in the book fair this year
Yours truly on a Monday 3 PM at 42nd Chennai Book Fair 2019
Pictures of few books and rows at 42nd Chennai Book Fair 2019
Kids books are always fun to look at and browse through
This was probably the only book stall which had some decoration
தமிழக அரசின் தமிழ் வெளியீட்டுக் கழக புத்தகங்கள்.
This book on the film “96” has been specially written for the fans like my friend Mr G.S. who saw the film countless times

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