In India, we are fascinated with mythologies and associated mysteries surrounding our temples. More often they are about the rumoured hidden wealth in the temples or the magical powers of the idols. Maayon (2022) is about one such (fictional) temple where the protagonist and his team go on a hunt for treasures while battling unknown dangers. With such an engaging plot, the film could’ve been a lot better but due to a weak screenplay and its length, it didn’t achieve its potential. Managed only a Raw from mangoidiots.

The breathtaking drone shots of the temple in the middle of the hills set the stage for a promising mystery thriller. However, the film fails to live up to its early promise, as the story loses steam and becomes more comical than suspenseful. The characters are one-dimensional and predictable, and we never get to know them well enough to care about them. The love interest is particularly flat and uninteresting. The special effects are also subpar, with the temple sanctum sanctorum being the only highlight.

Sibi Sathyaraj plays the role of Arjun, an archaeology expert and Tanya Ravichandran acts in the role of an epigraphist Anjana. They were joined by Radha Ravi, Bagavathi Perumal, Hareesh Peradi, K S Ravikumar and others.

This movie is like a bowl of vanilla ice cream, with no lingering taste. Can be a casual watch with family.

மாயோன் (2022), அமேசான் ப்ரைம் வீடியோ

மாயோன் (2022), அமேசான் ப்ரைம் வீடியோ

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