Falling Inn Love (2019) is a typical piecing together your life and reinventing it in a new country surrounded by new people story.  Gabriela (played by Christina Milian) who is an architect in San Francisco, loses her job, breaks-up with her boyfriend and lands up as the owner of an old bungalow in a small town in New Zealand. As you would’ve guessed, the first person she encounters is Jake (played by Adam Demos) with whom she starts in a wrong foot, learns his past, then partners to restore the inn and eventually fall in love. There are all the familiar characters – a friendly gay couple who run a local coffee shop, a welcoming florist,  and, a bit of competition from a jealous neighbour.

I started watching the film as it was set in beautiful New Zealand, and it was on Netflix. The film is void of depth in any of the supporting characters, there are no unexpected turns or any kind of twists, no hitherto unexplored dimensions to starting a new life, yet it gets saved due to some natural acting by the lead pair and the beautiful visuals. It is a decent watch over an evening tea and snack.

The film is on Netflix India.

Christina Milian and Adam Demos - Falling Inn Love (2019)

Christina Milian and Adam Demos – Falling Inn Love (2019)

P.S.: The film shows a typical small-town main street and as per IMDB it was actually shot onsite at 636 Pollen St, Thames, New Zealand, which as per Google Street view looks exactly what you would imagine – I noticed the street even has an Indian Restaurant!

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