Last weekend, I went to this much talked about Tamil Movie – SAROJA.

Directed by Chennai 600028 movie fame Venkat Prabhu (son of Music Director Gangai Amaran) movie was certainly enjoyable. The story is all about what happens when 4 friends on a red colour van (Nice looking van shown above) get lost on their way from Chennai to Hyderabad. The whole story happens in one single night where they cross path with a kidnap gang and how they finally escape from them. The director has done a fabulous job in keeping the action alive scene after scene, you are almost left wondering what’s going to happen next. A new kind of film in Tamil Cinema. Excellent performance by the relatively fresh faces to Tamil cinema with the veterans Prakash Raj and Jayaram also doing their roles well. I really liked the place where the main villain behind the whole plot is revealed only in the last few minutes and his background story is shown in few quick slides.

A must see for every Tamil movie buff.

சரோஜா (2008)

சரோஜா (2008)

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