I liked Oh My God (2012), it was a great thought experiment to put godmen who take advantage of the vulnerable on trial. It is one that doesn’t lend well for a sequel or prequel, so OMG 2 takes a fresh take. This one had divine interventions only as a topping to the main plot, which was the need for sex education in schools and the difficulty faced by the protagonist in getting this message popularised. Discussing the historical and scientific context for masturbation in a mainstream film earns the makers a big applause. At the same time, the courtroom battle turned out to be a sham show with zero law points discussed. Instead, it was driven by emotions and ancient texts, which are important but have no place inside a court. The film had well-intentioned messages to Indian society at large that were timely, but that alone can’t make it a great film. Mangoidiots gives it a Raw and wishes the makers for a better-made cinema the next time.

As the father of modest means and education, Pankaj Tripathi excels in the role just like he did in the Zee5 film Kaagaz (2021). Akshay Kumar‘s role was limited and well-positioned. Yami Gautam has tried to dazzle with her fine acting, but the screenplay didn’t present her much opportunity. OMG (2012) was about exposing the lies of spiritual gurus, in this one, it was about exposing the quackery of sexual welfare underworld. For this, the makers deserve additional praise.

The film starts off well with a kind-hearted father learning to understand and support his son who was caught masturbating in school premises. Director Amit Rai had done a brilliant job of navigating from that event to the courtroom, with little intervention from heaven which made the whole ordeal relatable. It was after that the screenplay turned to sensationalisation and popularism, which was not palatable to me. The film also does not explore the perspectives of the teenagers, who are the main victims of bullying and shaming. The film could have shown how they cope with their sexuality, their peer pressure, their self-esteem and their mental health.

Overall, OMG 2 is a decent watch, with some good messages and performances. If you have seen it, let me know what you think in the comments below.

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