The Korean language action thriller, The Childe (2023), is a mashup of familiar subplots but executed well as a fast-paced entertainer. There was not even a minute of silence, it was a stream of car chases, gun shoots, and running. The film was enjoyable but a good thriller had to be a lot better, so mangoidiots give it a Raw.

The plot was about a young man, Marco Han, living in the Philippines with his ailing mother, who was estranged a long time ago by Marco’s Korean father. He is a professional boxer who finds it hard to have ends meet and is mocked as a ‘Kopino’. One day, he is suddenly invited to Korea to meet his superrich father and there starts Marco’s real problems.

It stars the popular K-drama star Kim Seon-ho, who was brilliant in his effortless hitman role. The camera work, visual effects, stunts and background were world-class.

I was surprised that I got to see this Korean-language film playing in a mainstream cinema hall. It was a welcome sign that filmgoers in Chennai are branching out from their usual Tamil, English, Malayalam, Telugu, and Hindi fare.

Kang Tae-joo as Marco Han, a Kopino boxer

Kang Tae-joo as Marco Han, a Kopino boxer

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