21st June is a special day for me – it is the birthday of my son.

This 21st June, I decided to go with my family to Sivaji “The boss”.  BOSS for me implied “Blatant Omission of Story and Screenplay“, but was enjoyable and certainly a Rajni’s treat to viewers.


The highlight in the movie was Rajini’s youth look, the guy is amazing on screen for his age, kudos to the makeup and costumers for that. For me, seeing gorgeous Shriya Saran romancing on screen was worth my money. Shriya suited both the homely character she was playing and as the alluring girl in the dream song sequences. The punch dialog “சிங்கம் சிங்கிலாக தான் வரும்” and the fight sequence following was great. Similarly the usage of Rs.1 coin by Rajni to rebuild his life was a good story telling. The sets, especially in the “sahana” song was amazing and a first in Tamil movies for its scale and expanse. I liked the screen play in the place where Shriya gives a false excuse that he is not white enough for her, instead of telling the real reason which was a mismatch in their (astrology chart) horoscope.

Sahana song in Sivaji (The boss)

Sahana song in Sivaji (The boss)

Since this movie has been commented to death, I will make my criticism of it brief.

  1. The movie runs for too long (3 hours+)
  2. I am not able to figure out how a software architect in USA working for 20 years can earn Rs.200 Crores
  3. Director Sankar has used the RobinHood theme to death

Update 22/Jul/07: I came across this honest review of the movie which was different from every thing else around. Due to the hype created for movie (Hat’s off to AVM for a great marketing job) everyone seems to be acting like in Emperors New Clothes  when in public.

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