The Man Without Gravity (2019) is an Italian fictional drama about a boy born with the ability to float away if not weighed down. What should’ve been a perfect entertainer gets bogged down by covering familiar issues. The film gets a Mangoidiots rating of ‘Raw’ and is available on Netflix.

Born to a single mother in a village in Italy, Oscar has the supernatural ability to defy gravity and float. To hide his secret from the villagers who might then outcast them, his mother and grandmother keep him mostly indoors and home school him. Many years later when he grows up as a man, how Oscar adapts to the world and finds his own life is the story.

The gravity defeating ability was pictured well but it was not used as a gimmick but is shown to be a handicap for Oscar – or that’s how Oscar feels about it. Instead of exploring this more, we see moments that have come in many films in the past making the film dull. The film entirely has a thread of sadness running through it, that I felt was unnecessary.

Elio Germano as Oscar has given a fine performance. Some of the locations in the film like the mountain village were beautiful.

L'uomo senza gravità

L’uomo senza gravità

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