Indian Matchmaking (2020): This was a ridiculous reality show about a professional matchmaker being engaged to find life partners for a handful of singles spread between India & the USA. Still, I watched the full season because it was well made with professional choreography, visuals & screenplay by Netflix.

A couple of the singles, came out to be self-centered and overly demanding on their specification for a life partner, felt like they are trying to order a product. I was reminded of the classic Tamil Comedy film Manal Kayiru, unfortunately here they were for real.

Even today in India, predominant percentage of marriages are “arranged” by the parents, with the help of family & friends – the show does well when it tries to show this, unfortunately, it drifts away from this pretty quickly due to its focus on Indian-Americans.

Spoiler Alert: I was disappointed to see none of the singles managed to get married during the season.

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