With Kolamavu Kokila (2018), Director Nelson has delivered just what he promised. When the video of Kalyaana Vayasu song from the film starring Comedian Yogi Babu got released a few months back, it instantly became a sensation, raising the profile of this low-budget film, which was made entirely on top of the superstar status of Nayanthara. Nowadays, many Directors do a great job in the promotional videos and trailers, only to disappoint us with the main film. Thankfully, Kolamavu Kokila has kept up the momentum and entertained the audience on the big screen as well.

KK is an all-out gangster type comedy and is a thorough entertainer. The story is a familiar one for this genre, the protagonist has to raise a lot of money in a short period of time to save a loved one’s life, gets into illegal activities, outsmarts existing players and succeeds. The uniqueness in KK is that the action is all done not by a hero. Nayanthara and Saranya Ponvannan have shouldered the entire film, but it is Yogi Babu who has scored big time, most of the time his comedy works and he has been less offensive than others in his field.

I liked the background score by Anirudh Ravichander which helps in building the momentum when the screenplay just kept dragging without much happening. For a comedy film that could’ve been a thorough family entertainer, there were unnecessary murders that were gruesome and two scenes of workplace harassment – I agree these inhumane acts do happen every day to many females at the workplace, but my point is that is not-kids friendly for this genre!

Overall, go for KK and come out laughing.

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