I am half-way through the first season of a comedy show “Time enna Boss“(டைம் என்ன பாஸ்) that released in Amazon Prime Video and I am thoroughly enjoying it. It was unlike anything we see in the Tamil satellite channels. It stars Bharath Srinivasan, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Robo Shankar, Karunakaran, Sanjana Sarathy & Alexander Babu.

The 10 episodes season follows a familiar theme of five strangers (who become friends) living under one-roof. Interestingly, here the writers: Mahakerthi, Naru Narayanan and Super Subu have given a twist of casting the four of the five being accidental time-travellers from different time periods. This turns a routine script into one that was engaging and humorous.

The reviews online for the show has not been good. I am not surprised, as the contextual and boisterous humour style may not work for everyone. Myself and my son guffawed in many places – Like in the scene where Buggy (from the future) gets promoted in his IT job four times on a single day; In another he recalls that in the future “HipHop Thamizha” being the favourite musician and also serving as the three time Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

Though Bharath is the hero and has given his best, it was Priya-Bhavani who steals the spotlight with her natural performance. Karunakaran & Alex score with their comedy. Though they appear only in few episodes, Ashok Selvan & George Maryan have done their roles well.

Overall, check out this comedy show if you wish to unwind after a long day and laugh at some simple jokes.

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