This Australian film “Mystery Road” directed by Ivan Sen is a crime thriller shot in the outback of Queensland, Australia. The story happens near a highway outside a small town, the film starts with a teenage girl found dead below a highway tunnel. The protagonist is a Detector who is called from city to the town to investigate the murder, it happens to be his hometown where his ex-wife and his teenage daughter are still living. As he starts investigating the crime, he faces many dead ends with no official support for him. He realises many in the town to be hiding something from him, the leads take him closer to his daughter’s close friend. The climax is how he unravels the entire mystery all connected to the drug trade. Though I have travelled to Australia few times, I found the rural Australian English accent of many of the characters difficult to follow in several places.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie and no doubt it has got 94% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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