After a long time, Tamil Cinema has produced an engaging horror film with Iruttu (இருட்டு) starring Sundar C. Director V.Z.Durai has stayed clear of the usual horror-comedy buffoonery that we have seen with Kanchana and Aranmanai franchises. Thanks to this focus, there was a full house today for a week old film.

Sundar C. comes as Chezhiyan, a Police Inspector who gets transferred to a hill station to investigate a series of deaths due to unexplainable causes. He is joined by his wife played by Sakshi Choudhary and a young daughter played well by Baby Manasvi. Initially, the Inspector dismisses the paranormal explanations, but as evidence mounts, he takes the forces head-on and wins.

There was newness in the narrative, with the evil forces not quoted from any Hindu scriptures but The Holy Quran (#Islam). The first hour keeps us at the edge of our seat with its series of horror scenes. Other than a romantic song for the lead couple, there was no slouch in the screenplay. The climax was a little let down compared to the rest of the movie.

Overall, a good watch.

Sakshi Choudhary and Sai Dhanshika

Sakshi Choudhary and Sai Dhanshika

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