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    Kaatteri (2022), you laugh yet feel tired with this horror comedy!

    Kaatteri (2022), featuring Vaibhav, Sonam Bajwa, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Karunakaran & others is a familiar comedy film. A group of misfits venture to an unknown place haunted by ghosts that resemble living humans during the day. How they survive or who survives is the story. The first half-an-hour was enjoyable, we were made to laugh by the good performances of the cast but the second half was exhausting. As a result, it gets our mangoidiots rating of Raw. I love the acting of Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, a fabulous actress, she gets only a limited role as one of the ghosts & a small flashback. Another actor l like is Karunakaran, he has…

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    Train to Busan: Peninsula (2020)

    Train to Busan: Peninsula (2020) is a sequel to the famous original film that came four years earlier. It follows a group going back to the Korean Peninsula which has been sealed from the outside world due to the Zombie infection. The film is engaging and thrilling and gets a mangoidiots rating of “Ripe”. It is four years after the apocalypse in South Korea. Captain Jung-Seok and his brother-in-law who are living as refugees in Hong Kong are recruited along with two others by local mobsters to retrieve a truck loaded with currencies of US Dollars from Incheon where it is stuck. Though the outside world has sealed off the…

  • Iruttu (இருட்டு)
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    Iruttu (2019)

    After a long time, Tamil Cinema has produced an engaging horror film with Iruttu (இருட்டு) starring Sundar C. Director V.Z.Durai has stayed clear of the usual horror-comedy buffoonery that we have seen with Kanchana and Aranmanai franchises. Thanks to this focus, there was a full house today for a week old film. Sundar C. comes as Chezhiyan, a Police Inspector who gets transferred to a hill station to investigate a series of deaths due to unexplainable causes. He is joined by his wife played by Sakshi Choudhary and a young daughter played well by Baby Manasvi. Initially, the Inspector dismisses the paranormal explanations, but as evidence mounts, he takes the…

  • One Cut of the Dead (2017)
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    One Cut of the Dead (2017)

    One Cut of the Dead (2017) is a comedy zombie film. The film directed by Shin’ichirô Ueda, starts with a shooting of a zombie TV show at an abandoned building used by the Japanese army during the second world war to experiment bringing the dead back to life.  Unaware to the crew, there seem to be real zombies around them who keep turning everyone into a Zombie. The second half covering the script discussion and planning for the TV show was hilarious. We get to see a range of characters – the star, a young heart-throb, comes with an oversized ego; the heroine has poor acting skills; the cameraman a drunkard;…

  • காஞ்சனா 3
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    Kanchana 3 (2019)

    This is an incomplete review of the film Kanchana 3, as I walked out during the Interval. Let me confess, something is wrong with me – from the laughter in the packed cinema hall, it was clear the kids and family audiences were enjoying many of the scenes. For example, I found the act of Raghava Lawrence jumping and climbing on the hips of everyone around (mother, sister-in-law, and his three would-be fiances) to be platitudinous! As advertised, the film continues the formulae of Kanchana franchise of Action, Comedy and Horror. Since it is the third film, it has three heroines (Oviya, Vedhika & Nikki Tamboli) and a supernatural force which…

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    Dhilluku Dhuddu 2 (2019)

    Dhilluku Dhuddu 2 starring Santhanam and Shritha Sivadas, was exactly what it advertised to be – a lowbrow comedy with a few ghosts thrown in. Yet, the film was enjoyable – in most places, the comedy by Santhanam and ‘Mottai’ Rajendran works and invoked laughter in the theatre. An easy to guess plot – hero falling in love with a girl, who is possessed by a ghost and he fights bravely his way to win her hand. Yes, the climax happens in a Ghost Bungalow. With the limited plot at hand, Director Rambhala has given a good screenplay. Background score by Shabir was adequate. Go for this movie, if you…

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    Bird Box (2018)

    When I read about the new Netflix original Bird Box (2018) which was about the entire population committing suicide after seeing mysterious creatures I was sceptical as I don’t enjoy the supernatural or horror genre, still, I watched it through – I was not disappointed neither was I impressed. Sandra Bullock single-handedly carries the entire film and her brilliant acting keeps us engaged. Where the film falls short is that it offers nothing new. It follows a familiar story of a group of strangers surviving against external threats (normally zombies or ghosts), soon one after the other keeps dying, leaving the protagonist and his/her kids to make it through to…

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    The Cloverfield Paradox (2018)

    The Cloverfield Paradox is a film that got released on Netflix last month, produced by J.J.Abrams. It is about what happens in the near future – the world is suffering from a severe energy crisis and global war is about to break out. A brave team of six goes up in space to switch an energy accelerator if it works, can save the world. After spending two years, and, numerous attempts the team finally manages to switch ON the energy accelerator and then everything goes south. They lose Earth, it is gone. One by one, strange things happen, crew members keep getting killed. Why did this happen and did the crew…