Kanchana 3 (2019)

காஞ்சனா 3

This is an incomplete review of the film Kanchana 3, as I walked out during the Interval. Let me confess, something is wrong with me – from the laughter in the packed cinema hall, it was clear the kids and family audiences were enjoying many of the scenes. For example, I found the act of Raghava Lawrence jumping and climbing on the hips of everyone around (mother, sister-in-law, and his three would-be fiances) to be platitudinous!

As advertised, the film continues the formulae of Kanchana franchise of Action, Comedy and Horror. Since it is the third film, it has three heroines (Oviya, Vedhika & Nikki Tamboli) and a supernatural force which is 3 in 1 (Ghost, Witch and a Phantom).

Go for Kanchana 3 at your own risk!

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One Thought to “Kanchana 3 (2019)”

  1. R.Karthok

    I have also been through this… a huge wave of laughter in the entire cinema hall and I did not have a slight ray of smile in me. Jokes in my opinion have become silly and stupid these days(sometimes even vulgar) and so are the audience esp young audiences. They laugh at anything the comedian does or the hero who is trying his comic skills on us does. For several movies I had visited I have been the odd man out. This becomes very obvious when the guy on the left bangs himself on the seat lunging fwd and backward during the so called comedy scene from his perspective. Perspective and perception of comedy has changed a lot.

    So you are not alone.

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