Nowadays the telemarketing calls from Banks, Insurance Companies and Telco’s at all times in your mobiles are becoming worse; All of us are very familiar with this menace, so I will just talk about two quotes here and then a possible remedy :-)

Few weeks I got an automated RingTone marketing call from Airtel in my landline and the stupid call doesn’t end even if I disconnect that too on a Sunday Afternoon. Last 2 days I am getting calls from CitiBank selling Credit Card, the irony is I am already a Gold Card customer with them. Today my wife answered the call politely, but I interrupted and answered the way I saw was fit – in the call the agent asks me if I refer anyone else, what a stupid question I wonder do I have no other job other than referring customers to them.

After these incidents, I spent a good amount of time recently in searching the Internet for Don’t Call Registries of major Indian banks and listed my name in that. For your benefit, the list is reproduced here, please list yourself there. I suppose the recent RBI warning has been the reason for these web pages to be made available.

Don’t Call / Do not Disturb webpages of Banks in India

  • ICICI Bank (15 Days to remove)
  • Standard Chartered Bank (30 days to remove, only bank to give a Request ID)
  • Citibank
  • ABN Amro Bank
  • Deutsche Bank (30 Days to remove)
  • HDFC (45 days to remove!)

For a similar list containing Telco’s, check this The Hindu Article on Rejecting SPAMs. For Insurance company’s I am yet to find this service on their websites – if you know about them, please post it in the comments section below.

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