One Cut of the Dead (2017) is a comedy zombie film. The film directed by Shin’ichirô Ueda, starts with a shooting of a zombie TV show at an abandoned building used by the Japanese army during the second world war to experiment bringing the dead back to life.  Unaware to the crew, there seem to be real zombies around them who keep turning everyone into a Zombie.

The second half covering the script discussion and planning for the TV show was hilarious. We get to see a range of characters – the star, a young heart-throb, comes with an oversized ego; the heroine has poor acting skills; the cameraman a drunkard; the supporting actor having digestion problems and so on.  We are shown what was really happening behind the camera and how the Director of the TV show handles all these characters during the live shooting were humorous.

P.S.: One Cut of the Dead (カメラを止めるな!) was screened today as part of the Japanese film festival at PVR Cinemas, VR Mall, Chennai which was conducted in association with Japan Foundation.

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