I thank, our Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modi for honouring Tamil Nadu through his gestures of wearing local wears (Veshti and Towel, it is not easy to carry either of them if you are not used to wearing them), serving traditional Chettinad delicacies and remembering his ‘pet’ project of Swach Bharat even during his morning walk today. The visit by Hon’ble President of China Mr Xi Jinping has surely put Mamallapuram, Chennai and Tamil Nadu in the world spotlight.

The criticism that the actions by Hon’ble PM are not authentic is irrelevant and is just being petty. These are fine gestures by our PM, which are sure to watched by millions in Tamil Nadu, around the country and rest of the world – even if a micro percentage of the viewers get interested to visit Tamil Nadu, encouraged to try our local (Tamil) cuisine, inspired to keep their surroundings clean, I feel it has served its purpose.

P.S.: When I posted this on Facebook, there were doubts raised whether these moves by PM were scripted? My reply was “Maybe. Politics is optics too! If it brings even a bit of good to Tamil Nadu and India, I wholeheartedly welcome it“.

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