Today is the 20th birthday of Microsoft’s Visual Studio which has remained the environment of choice for millions of developers around the world. To celebrate this day, Microsoft has launched the latest version-Visual Studio 2017 today. You can download it from here.

When I went through my attic now, I found 3 artifacts that were connected to early days of Visual Studio, the below picture shows them: books on Visual Basic 3.0, Visual Interdev 6.0 and a box of Visual Studio.NET 2002.

My first contact with Visual Studio was in it’s earlier life when it was called as Visual Basic 3.0. Then for years I was coding with my favourite programming language: Visual Basic 6.0 which was part of Visual Studio 6.0.  This version of Visual Studio also shipped Microsoft’s first programming environment for Web called Visual Interdev for which I have fond memories. It was for the launch of Visual Interdev in India that I presented my first talk on a Microsoft stage in 1998.

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