I am liking today’s Microsoft Surface event (recording is here) for its:

  1. Incremental gains to Surface Pro & Surface Laptop,
  2. AI enhancements to Surface Pro X,
  3. Leap of faith on a new category of dual screen Surface Neo, and,
  4. Most importantly the pragmatic approach of using Android (with what looks like a special “Windows” Launcher) in Surface Duo (3-in-1).

This is certainly a ‘new’ Microsoft at all levels.

The last two products (Neo and Duo) are very very risky especially with Microsoft’s disastrous record with making Phones, and the immaturity of dual-screen tablets (and PCs). But I like the strategy of Microsoft’s CEO Mr Satya Nadella – to invest in Windows (with X and Neo), partner with Google for Duo, and not lose sight of Microsoft’s strength (Office & Cloud) which are the future for the company.

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