As I have written earlier I love everything about my new iPad2, but I do look forward to a great Windows8 tablet sometime in future (?). Normally I connect my iPhone & iPad2 to my PC so that they can sync with iTunes for all latest Podcasts and Apps. After few days with my iPad2 I realized it is not charging while connected to my Desktop Workstation (of course I have upgraded a new PC few months back) due to lack of power wattage from PC’s standard USB Ports. Connecting to a powered external USB Hub from Belkin (FSU304) didn’t help either. It was inconvenient for me to connect the iPad everyday separately to a Power outlet for charging.

Doing some searching I found the solution in this Apple Support forum page. The answer is to download a free utility from Asus called AiCharger that works in Windows, this free app configures your Motherboard and USB Hubs to increase the power output that is required by iPad2 to charge. It works fine for me in an Intel Motherboard, but please check whether your PC has a big SMPS power supply to take the extra load.


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