Flat Water bottle
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Flat water bottle

For a few years now, I have been carrying a men purse with me, when I go outside to an event or a cinema. I can drop inside the bag, my wallet, a mobile phone, hand sanitizer and so on, the bag makes it super convenient. The problem has been with carrying a water bottle inside the bag – most water bottles are cylindrical and make the bag appear bulging and ugly.

That’s when a few months ago, I read in a friend’s facebook newsfeed about flat water bottles – I hadn’t seen one before – they resemble the aristocratic whisky flasks. Looking up in Amazon India, I found one model, Flat Memo Notebook Water Bottle, 380 ml and a set of two cost Rs.399. Even after filling with water the bottle feels lightweight and easy to carry – I am loving them!

Flat water bottle
Flat water bottle

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