Climax (2021) is a Telugu murder mystery. While the mystery was obvious from the beginning the satirical humour throughout the film was enjoyable. Had the director focused on developing a better screenplay, this movie could’ve been more engaging than it turned out to be. Available on Amazon Prime Video, it gets a Raw rating.

Vijay Modi is a billionaire staying in a 7-star suite to hide from his creditors, one day he says he sees a young lady and invites her to his room, for a gift of Rs 1 crore. The next day he is seen brutally murdered. Rajendra Prasad as Vijay Modi is impressive, he has brought out the flamboyant nature of the role well and Sasha Singh as the young lady has done her role well.

The crime inspector who is assigned to solve the case does very little other than talk to everyone the interviewed readily narrate the details which make solving the case straightforward.

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