Attending few events in the recent days, made me thoughtful

As humans and especially us engineers, can have computers that can play GO – one day we may even reach full artificial intelligence, but we will not be able to solve check-in queues at events. Why is it?

What happened to the wonderful technologies like QR codes, Bluetooth beacons and NFC – is it only for preaching to others by technology firms?.

Everyone attending a technology, literary event in a metro city carries a smartphone, can’t something be worked out whereby they can just breeze their way in, if they have already registered and paid. And, don’t get me started on the conference bags they give you after you check-in. The whole day you just lug it around and throw it after returning home. I haven’t come across any person in the recent years, who goes through the pointless brochures that are kept in the conference bag.

Maybe the marketers’ view the long lines of attendees as a sign of the success of a show?

One more queue

Disclaimer: I am not talking about any one company or an event here. The pictures are only indicative.

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