Kita Kita aka I See You (2017) is a Filipino language film, set in Sapporo, Japan, and directed by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo. A story that was warm, with excellent casting, and a beautiful city as backdrop. Though a little slow, I liked it. Available on Netflix.

Lea (played brilliantly by Alessandra de Rossi), is a Filipino tour guide living in the Japanese city of Sapporo – on screen the city looked alluring, surely going into my bucket list for Japan. She is a kind person, always helping the needy and poor. She is engaged for 3 years but that relationship is not going well. Suddenly one day, she loses her sight due to a temporary blindness condition. That’s when she meets the affable neighbour Tonyo (played well by Empoy Marquez).

Being a Filipino, living in Japan for many years, and a tour guide where she meets international tourists, Lea’s character must speak in three languages – Japanese, Tagalog and English, which Alessandra does effortlessly. The way she fluently switches between the three was a delight to watch, obviously I understood two of the three languages only through sub-titles!

At critical junctures in the story, both Lea and Tonyo list ten memorable events in their life, the narration style though not unique was nice. The film succeeds in showing an ordinary person’s life and her dreams, it also becomes its weakness. As was predictable in most places. Yet, it was a good movie to watch.

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