Maaveeran Kittu (2016) is a 1980s period film from the same team as Jeeva (2014) with Vishnu Vishal, Sri Divya in lead roles and directed by Suseendran. The story is about the atrocities by the powerful and “upper” caste to powerless “lower” caste in Indian villages and the love between an upper caste girl and lower-caste boy. Unfortunately, the screenplay in Kittu comes out weak, as a result, what we see on screen is a documentary film that leaves no mark on you. Recent films with the same theme as Chandi Veeran (2015) or Kathiravanin Kodai Mazhai (2016) were interesting to watch.

Vishnu Vishal & Sri Divya as a pair were romantic in Jeeva, but in Kittu there is hardly any courting between them, leaving us only with the caste issue. Though Vishnu Vishal is promoted as the hero, it’s R.Parthiepan who has got a bigger role.

Maaveeran Kittu is a film that may be skipped.

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