Seeing on Facebook, I attended the first social media conclave in R.R.Sabha, Mylapore organized by Tamil Nadu Young Thinkers Forum.

Tamil Nadu State Minister for Tamil, Archaeology and Museums, Mr "Ma Foi" K Pandiarajan

Tamil Nadu State Minister for Tamil, Archaeology and Museums, Mr “Ma Foi” K Pandiarajan

The event was inaugurated by the Tamil Nadu State Minister for Tamil, Archaeology and Museums, Mr “Ma Foi” K Pandiarajan, who had just returned after his trip to South Africa where had attended an event by Tamilians living there. Hon’ble Minister spoke the following:

  • South Africa has over 2.6 Million Indian’s (and Indian Origin), out of which significant amount of 1.6 Million are Tamilians. Durban city has 8 Lakhs out of its overall 45 lakh population
  • Five technologies that are changing the world profoundly are SMACi stack – Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and IoT
  • Today youngsters have to be cognizant of the impact of Half-life of knowledge, whereby scientific knowledge about a particular subject will be wrong or obsolete in 45 years
  • Tamil Nadu government is now creating a corpus of Tamil words called சொற்குவை. It is aimed to be a complement to Tamil lexicon efforts by the Government and aimed to solve the lack of availability of metalogic data for the Tamil language
  • ஊடகம் (Media/Medium) என்றால் ஊடே (இடையில்) இருப்பது
  • கலாச்சாரம் (Culture) என்றால் அது: மொழி, கலை, சமுதாயம் எதை விரும்புகிறார்கள் எதை வெறுக்கிறது, மேலும் பிறப்பை, இறப்பை, கல்யாணம் இவற்றுக்கான அவர்களின் Rituals இவைகளின் கூட்டல் தான்

Allah Mohammad Kakar (Member of Afghanistan Youth Parliament) had come from Kabul,  and he was the guest of honour. From his speech, it was obvious how much Afghanistan and India have in common when it comes to people, society and culture.

Ashokha Varshini (Anchor of Thanthi TV)

Ashokha Varshini (Anchor of Thanthi TV)

Then Ashokha Varshini (Anchor of Thanthi TV) spoke on how what’s trending in Twitter is an indicator (or not) of people’s thinking. In Italy, they have in school curriculum how students can identify fake news. She says every day in her work she spends over 1 hour+ on eliminating news which is fake/false. 

Prasanna Viswanathan (CEO of Swarajya, one of the sponsors of the event) talked on Leftism dialogue, Eco racism & continuous agitation mode by society (or sections), Proliferation of Anti-Semitic & Illuminati theories, Political submission due to poor usage of/as social, Misogyny & Women being constantly trolled, Hindu phobia & spread of phobic ideas.

Shyam Sekar (Entrepreneur) talked on:

  • Rise of social media shows the bankruptcy of mainstage media
  • Media is owned by crony capitalism, it is grey colour – not white or black. Which is sewage colour
  • 2006-2017 is a lost decade for Tamil Nadu
  • Tamil Nadu Political Parties had a politics of promoting under-represented, now India (National Parties) itself is talking the same and got into power. Now what will state parties here will do?
  • Information Technology in India will employ 1/4th of its current staff in future

Ashwin Kumar (UnReal) said Cinema’s hold on Tamil Nadu is powerful, and that’s how the narration in our house was.

The newly reconstructed Rasika Ranjani Sabha building was impressive with halls on each floor, with comfortable seating.

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