This is the sequel to the hit Chennai 28 film that came a decade ago which propelled the actors like RJ Siva & Jai to stardom. The story follows many of the original characters life after 10 years, our heroes are now married and have kids except Premji & Jai. Jai has been loving his coworker Sana Althaf for the last 5 years and is about to get married to her. After hesitation, the bride’s parents agree and everyone travels to Theni (bride’s place) for the wedding; there they meet their old friend Aravind Akash who gets them to play a local tournament for his own rivalry with a local gang and its leader (Vaibhav Reddy). Due to trickery by Vaibhav, the marriage gets stopped and everyone is sent packed along with insults by the whole village. Did the friends return to the bride’s village, did they play and win the tournament, did Jai and Sana‘s characters get married in the rest of the film.

The boys are back theme song is a good one by Yuvan Shankar Raja. There are the usual jokes and Venkat Prabhu style humour throughout the film which pretty much holds the otherwise lazy screenplay together.

In the original Director, Venkat Prabhu presented an honest take of (then unseen by masses) neighbourhood cricket,  its resulting rivalry & love. In the sequel (Chennai 600028 Part 2) he has taken it easy to depend only on the stardom of its heroes, and a lazy take on cricket matches. There is a lot of cricket in the film but they mostly come out as dud balls. All the four wife characters reminded me of similar roles in Saroja (2008). At 153 minutes it’s unnecessarily a long film – there are two full-length drink ‘n’ dance songs.

Chennai 28 Part 2 is an average film which may be watched only because you liked the first one a lot.

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