In today’s world of expensive smartphones, you might think what a $3 (~Rs.190) can get you, read on.

The other day I stumbled on this accessory in Amazon India called Enum Cable Anti-Fall Clip for Rs.179, instantly I know I wanted it and ordered. It turned out to be the most useful gadget accessory I bought in a while. It’s a simple rubber clip that you stick on your table or any other surface, and the clip holds cables like phone charger cable. I found the Anti-fall clip to be handy especially in my work desk where I find it irritating whenever the two charger cables I use keeps falling into a black hole in the table that is ironically called (Desk) cable manager.


You will more varieties of the same accessory from other manufacturers like Elite Cable Clip Organizer for Rs.199 or SW Multipurpose Cable Holder clips for Rs.184, go with the one you like the most.


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