Today I went for the new play by Shraddha. The play titled “Idiyudan Koodiya Anbhu Mazhai” is a romantic story, concept for which is by Iyakkunar sigaram Dr.K.Balachandar and dialogues by Mr.Vivek Rajagopal.

The story is about struggles teenagers in modern India especially from upper middle class families. It is about a complex relationship that develops between a well-to-do college girl who is emotionally wanting and a poor young boy who is striving to study more and come up in his life. Both of them are parented by single parents (both of them suffer from loss of their mom) who each have their faults.

The play’s strength was the simple dialogues, scenes which were straight to the plot, no sentimental roundabouts or unnecessary characters. The screen sets and furniture were contemporary matching the story. Most of the actors were new faces, these youngsters did their roles professionally & lively.

Idiyudan Koodiya Anbhu Mazhai

Idiyudan Koodiya Anbhu Mazhai

I enjoyed the play thoroughly, the plays throws up ideas that are relevant in today’s society and worth thinking about. The venue was Narada Gana Sabha, TTK Salai; to my surprise the auditorium was packed for the show.

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