One of the common things you want to do after you created all your content slides in a presentation is to put an Agenda slide or TOC (Table of Contents) slide. This was easy using the Summary Slide button in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 as shown below. For reasons best known to Microsoft, this feature to have a summary slide automatically generated is not available in PowerPoint 2007. This MS Knowledge base article confirms this behaviour, and it suggests a tedious manual process of copyring each slide title and pasting it to create a summary slide :-)

PowerPoint 2003 Summary Slide

If anyone from Microsoft is listening here, please add this feature back. It will take hardly an hour to write a Macro that can achieve this..

Steps to do this in PowerPoint 2003:

  • Click on View Menu
  • Then on Slide Sorter
  • Select the slides that you want in the TOC
  • On the “slide sorter” toolbar, 3rd icon along is the “summary slide” clicking it will make a slide automatically

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