If you want to write the screenplay for a romantic comedy in a few minutes, it will result like Standby (2014). Starring Jessica Paré of Mad Men fame and Brian Gleeson the film is typical with no twists or turns, yet was watchable due to decent acting and the location of Dublin, Ireland, a lesser-seen city. The film is available on Kanopy.

Alan is a part-time musician, works at the tourist information center of Dublin Airport, and single. One day he meets Alice, who is his first love while he was a student in the USA, the two are meeting after a gap of eight years. Alice is in transit, has the night to kill, and Alan promises to show her around Dublin. How do they spend the evening and did they get-together is the story?

You see the familiar way of spending an evening – drinking at one bar after another – attending a party thrown by youngsters and smoking – going to a building’s terrace and seeing the night view of the city – dancing at a stranger’s wedding – and so on. I was disappointed there was nothing new.

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