I have received an Invite to attend the “Intel Developer Forum” [idfindia.com] happening next week in Bangalore.

I am (and Vishwak) not into much on system-level software that gets impacted the most from new Chipset/CPU designs and API from Intel. Like any other ISV and SI the new generation of chips from Intel and AMD opens up a new possibility and better ROI for our customers. That’s my interest in attending the event. Also wanted to attend a Non-Microsoft for a change :-) and a chance to sit and relax as an attendee – no pressure of being a speaker.

The objective of this post is that I liked the way Intel India is organizing the pre-event. I got email and phone follow-ups, and then I registered online which took less than a few minutes. Upto this is normal for any major event of this scale. What pleasantly surprised me is that I received by courier today, the Badge with an RFID Tag that should hopefully allow me to walk to the event straight, without the need to stand in a queue for registration on the day.

Kudos to the organizers. Hoping the event itself will impress me equally.

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