As regular readers of my blabbering here in my blog know that I am a big fan of Jet Airways and consider their service to be the best among Airlines worldwide. I normally avoid business travel in low cost airlines due to the fear of they cancelling or getting delayed, but my experience with Paramount today was different. I have heard that they normally cancel their flights last minutes especially Chennai-Hyderabad-Chennai.

My travel today from Chennai to Bangalore was my first with Paramount Airways and I should say that I was more than impressed with the experience. The Aircraft was a brand new Embraer 175, had fine interiors and was on time. The Airhostesses were smart, professional and served nice in-flight snacks. If they maintain this level of service they will soon get me as a loyal customer in their south sectors. I wish Mr Thiayagarajan (who is supposed to be the youngest MD of an airline in the world) and his team good luck.

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