After the one day photography training earlier this year, I would like to think that I know something about taking Pictures. For real photographers the “Camera” they use doesn’t matter that much, but for people like me who would like to think we are more than amateur photographers the most important think is the equipment we sport. The peer attention we get is not due to the photos, but the big camera & lenses we carry with us.

After nearly six years of living with my first DSLR – Nikon D80, I decided its time to move on. Just like ending any long relationship, I couldn’t decide on this easily – it was a tough & long decision. I have fond memories of this camera right from buying it during my trip to Japan in 2007 (at Yodabashi camera store in Akihabara, an eight stories of camera paradise) to many wonderful moments I have captured with it.

Nikon D80 at Yodabashi in 2007 Nikon D80 at Yodabashi in 2007

For more than a year I spent time reading reviews, browser shopping (the digital/web version of Window shopping) various models of Nikon DSLR that I can buy. The new camera has to be a Nikon DSLR, since I am familiar with Nikon controls (Cameras nowadays have more controls than typical PC Workstations) and in February 2012 I bought a Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 55-300mm VR Telezoom Lens. My choice narrowed down to Nikon D3000 (and then D3100), D5000 (and then D5100) and D7000. I was not considering – D90 though a versatile camera it is just 1 year younger to D80; D4 and D800 were outside my league and more than Rs.75,000 price point (which was the price I had set for myself).

I was attracted to the full 1080P/30frames HD Video in D3100 & D5100; the swing-out Viewfinder in D5100, but the Pros listed below were more than enough to convince me to go with D7000.

1) A good review about D7000 in CNET Camera section

2) Dual SD Memory slot

3) A solid & sturdy chassis compared to D5100 & D3100 which can comfortably hold many of the lenses I may buy in feature including my 55-300mm Telezoom

4) Compared to my D80 this had HD Video recording / H.264 Video, 16.2 Megapixels & EXPEED 2 processor – miles ahead of my D80, HDMI Output

5) Audio-in for connecting external stereo microphone – most of the time Video recording the problem is with the low audio due to poor in-built mic/distance from the camera

6) Superior camera specs – 1/8000 speed; user defined exposure modes; Auto Focus (AF) having nearly 39 point dynamic area

As with my 55-300mm Lens I did the purchase of the camera from Flipkart. I had narrowed down to flipkart for Nikon D7000 with 18-100mm Lens for Rs.74,950. Though I saw lower price (for Rs.72,950) in few other sites I went with Flipkart due to the trust I have with them, second they were giving free a Camera Bag & 4GB SD memory.


When the package arrived after few days, on seeing it I was like a child with a new toy.  Unwrapping the box apart from the Camera & Lens, I found the usual accessories from Nikon, Nikon India 2 Year international warranty, a Nikon branded fine leather DSLR bag (quite nice), Lexar 4GB SDHC Memory, cables, manual & charger. It feels like I made the right choice buying it from flipkart.

Below is the first photo I took with the new camera – Nikon D7000.


I have ordered two more accessories – a Benro T-880EX Tripod & Benro A35FBR1 Monopod. I will write about them after I have got a chance to use them. Till then, I am off to a honeymoon with my new Gadget Bride!

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