In our busy lives, when we go about doing number of things, some “Common” people do things that makes you feel touched. This happened to me twice in the last one week.

Last week on Saturday I was returning from Mumbai to Chennai with my colleague after “3” hectic days of business meetings. We were flying JET Airways and I had tele-checked in. We went late to the airport and missed the flight, but decided to check-in to the next flight (which was two hours later). While doing the check-in I opened my wallet to take out my Jet Frequent Flyer card, but then remembering that I have tele-checked in, and they have my FF number anyway in the system, closed the wallet. We collected the boarding pass and waited in the seats nearby. Within few minutes, the lady from the check-in counter, came running to me and asked “Sir, you hold a Citibank Jet Gold Card, Right?. If you would like I can offer you the lounge coupon”.  Saying that, she rushed to the counter and gave both of us Lounge Coupons, she didn’t even think twice about giving my colleague (who doesn’t hold a JET FF card or flying Business) also the lounge coupon. WOW!, I was touched by the service of this person – imagine someone from the counter moving off from her desk and coming to you and offering the coupon.

Today, in the same Mumbai Domestic Airport, at the bookstore, I was browsing and as usual picked up some magazines and a business/management book. At the counter, the owner (he appeared so) didn’t simply bill it, but he immediately started suggesting and showing several books which I will be liking. In the next few seconds, he went about highlighting the best points of the books, which eventually made me buy two more books. You can say this to be simply an event of good selling, but I call it “Great Service” and touching people. He certainly touched me and made my evening today.

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