The news of Steve Jobs death shook me when I learned it from a friend on the morning of 6th. I got very disturbed by the news and feeling the same for last few days. Only few months book I read this book “The Steve Jobs Way” which marvelled on his brilliance. I know Mr.Jobs was sick and when he resigned as CEO of Apple in August the worst was expected. But I was hoping that like the previous two instances where he recovered from serious illnesses, this time too he will come back bouncing. And the resignation was nothing more than wanting a longer rest. Having listened to his recent Keynote in WWDC just few months back on iOS5, it is difficult to realize the man is gone for ever and we will never see him again doing his magic on stage and off stage on his products. I respect his privacy during his life, but after death if more details on his illness by Apple had been released it would help his fans worldwide to come to terms sooner.

The man had everything at his disposal, enormous wealth, the best healthcare in the world and millions of well-wishers praying for his well being but still couldn’t live for more years and that’s the irony of life. I am unable to recollect for a Technology person’s death being grieved world over. And this alone speaks volumes of the impact Mr.Jobs had, he transgressed the typical Computer Science world. He married Technology, LifeStyle, Entertainment & Aspirations in a perfect mix.

May his soul Rest in peace


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