India’s bandwidth consumption is growing by the days. But most of the traffic goes to servers outside the country (primarily the US). One of the ways, to reduce the broadband cost is to increase the traffic within the country. ISPs in India instead of going outside the country to exchange traffic, instead do it internally. This saves Foreign Exchange for the country and also helps in reducing the cost for a consumer. In this direction, Govt. of India (GOI), a couple of years back established NiXi (National Internet eXchange of India). Unfortunately, so far its impact was not felt by consumers.

This week, GOI announced that .IN Domain (the top-level Country specific domain for India) will now be made easy to register online. NiXi will be made the nodal point for the registration. This hopefully will improve the number of registrations with .IN Domain and also help NiXi with much-needed cash.

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